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  1. I have always had siamese cats and l balinese cat. I recently lost my blue point siamese at 16 with renal failure and I’m devastated. I would be interested in another siamese or balinese kitten either a blue-point or chocolate point if any become available.

  2. Kathy’s cats are wonderful. We’ve had one of her long haired Siamese for three years, and he is sweet and cuddly, happy and healthy, and just about the best fur baby you can ever imagine. He loves people and other animals, and even loves going for rides in the car. He loves his VET! We are in the process of moving to a larger house. However, as a long time Siamese Cat owner and lover, I will always come back to CountryLoven for my “meezers.”

  3. We got two Balinese kittens from Kathy at Country Loven Siamese. They are the joy of our hearts. Kathy is a trustworthy breeder who raises healthy, beautiful kittens. We strongly recommend you give her a call if you are interested in bringing more love into your lives.

  4. We just got two beautiful, sweet Balinese brothers from Kathy. They are such a joy and have really become a part of our family in the short time we have had them. So glad we got two!! They are so close to each other, and we love to watch them play and snuggle. Thank you for keeping us updated with pictures of the boys until we could pick them up, too!!:)

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