These are Pure-bred Registered Kittens

New prices for  ,2023… Balinese kittens $1800 pet & up Siamese kittens  cost  seals / chocolate .$1400 up     lilac & blues. 1500 and up     Full Registration is $3000  . Deposit is $500 due to customer backing out at last minute.  .Rest is PD in Cash at pickup No exception, includes a veterinary examination only if kitten is being shipped to buyer.u have 5 days to have kitten cked by ur vet. first vaccinations, vitamin supplements and a beginning high end diet. A deposit is required to hold the kitten of your choice. The deposit of $500. is considered a contract to buy and is NON refundable. The link for deposits is below. . You can make a deposit at that time. Release dates are approximately 8-9 weeks from birth. A 5 day Conditional Health Guarantee is included.  Shipment is  additional fee. Kittens must be picked up on specified date or there is additional fee. $75. Due to customer backing out at last minute and or not picking up at scheduled time .No exceptions. No Credit cards. Cash or money order . Note. Sometime I do make a mistake on gender if this happens u have options to either keep it or resell the kitten. I do not take kittens back . It happens honestly….k

Please Email or Call us for Instructions on how to send a deposit for your kitten.  ..  . $500.00 deposit / Pay Non-refundable if u post and change your mind .